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5 Beautiful Exotic Islands in Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat (credit Kompas)

The Last Paradise on Earth, as the nickname for one of the most beautiful islands in West Papua, East Indonesia. Namely Raja Ampat Islands, Raja Ampat regency, West Papua. This place is a paradise for divers, a paradise for travelers, a paradise for flora and fauna and of course this is a paradise for Indonesia. Raja Ampat is indeed very rich in biodiversity both on land and under the sea.

The hundreds of Raja Ampat islands, which islands are the destinations of choice for tourists? Here are 4 main islands as Raja Ampat’s preferred destination.

Misool Island

Misool Island
Misool Island (credit misool.info)

The first island is Misool Island. The island which is directly adjacent to the Seram Sea is located in the Bird’s Head adjacent to the City of Sorong. Misool Island is one of the world’s coral triangle regions with dozens of ornamental fish found in it. The vast extent of the high seas on the island makes its waters a migration path for large animals such as whales and octopuses. In addition, the potential of coal mines on the island of Misool is around 7,222 million tons, making it increasingly rich in natural resources.

Waigeo Island

Waigeo Island
Waigeo Island (credit allindonesiatourism.com)

The next destination is Waigeo Island. The island, also known as Amberi or Waigiu, is the largest of the four main islands in the Raja Ampat Islands. On this island the capital of Raja Ampat Regency is located, namely the city of Waisai which is in the western part of the island. The island, which is between Halmahera Island and Papua Island, is decorated with so many small islands the size of buses and even smaller ones. By sea, we can visit nearby places such as Kabui Bay, where the sunset will look very close so it will spoil your eyes.

Salawati Island

Salawati Island
Salawati Island (credit zona-anakmuda.blogspot)

The other main island is Salawati Island. The island, covering an area of ​​about 1,623 square km, is a paradise for Fauna and Flora. How not, almost three-fourths of the Salawati island is a natural and very dense green forest. Although the island’s forests are dominated by sago trees that grow wild without anyone planting, but on this island we can enjoy the beauty and diversity of plants and animals. Considering the conditions are still very quiet, calm and almost virgin, this island is very attractive to many tourists.

Apart from being an island that is rich in natural beauty and diversity of flora and fauna, Salawati Island is also a silent witness of World War II. Because on this island we can find World War II bunkers made in the Netherlands and Japan, which were left behind. Not only that, on this island we will also be spoiled by the Wor dance performance and also the beauty of the waterfall.

Batanta Island

Batanta Island
Batanta Island (credit lamina.com)

The final destination is Batanta Island. Like Salawati Island, the island which has the smallest area compared to other main islands, has a very beautiful and natural environment. On this 453 km² island, tourists can see Cendrawasih birds that live wild in the forests. White and fine sand along the coast and cool gusts of wind, greatly adds to the natural beauty of the island of Batanta.

If on Salawati Island we can find bunkers from World War II, then here we can find wrecks that crashed during World War II. But unique, these carcasses are not scattered on the land, but are in the waters around the island. That is why this place is a favorite diving spot among tourists. As the saying goes “Once paddling two three islands exceeded”, once diving we can enjoy the historical relics of World War, while witnessing the natural beauty of the underwater Batanta.

Wayag Island

Indigenous people who live in Raja Ampat attractions certainly have their own culture that is interesting to see. Add to the diversity of Indonesia’s rich culture. Come to Wayag Island, where you can see a variety of traditional games. You can even try it. Wayag Island is also known as one of Papua’s iconic habitats, the Bird of Paradise. Of all its appeal, the beauty of the sea around this mainland remains to be excellent.

If you include people who like sunbathing on the beach, like diving, like cultural tourism, or maybe like historical tourism, maybe the 4 islands above could be the right choice for you and your family. Have a nice trip.


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