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Must Try! Historical Tour to the 5 Famous Old Cities in the World

Must Try! Historical Tour to the 5 Famous Old Cities in the World
Must Try! Historical Tour to the 5 Famous Old Cities in the World (credit nationalgeographic.org)

URL TravelMust Try! Historical Tour to the 5 Famous Old Cities in the World. The old city holds very interesting historical memories for travelers to explore. It is as if the historical story behind the city is endless to learn. Traveling to old cities is a complete package that combines recreation while exploring traveler knowledge.

Some old cities in the world are still intact and well cared for. The local government still maintains the architecture of the building that has a characteristic with thick and sturdy walls. Being in the city environment also seems to bring us back to the past. And here are 5 famous old cities in the world.

5Salvador – The Old City that Hosted the 2014 World Cup

Of course the imprint of the 2014 world cup euphoria that was held in Brazil some time ago. Now one of the cities in the State of Samba which is hosting the grand annual football performance is Salvador da Bahia. What’s interesting about this city because it turns out that Salvador is a historic old city in Brazil.

Just so you know before the capital of Brazil moved to Brasilia, it was in 1549 to 1763 that Salvador was the capital. So this city is very old, even UNESCO has named the city of Salvador de Bahia as a world historical heritage site because of its rich history, monumental buildings and architectural beauty.

Region in the city of Salvador that is included in the list of World Heritage is Pelourinho. In this area there are many classic and colonial-style buildings, including the Church of Sao Francisco, Tereiro de Jesus Basilica Cathedral, Bonfim Church, do Passo Church and many more. So what are you waiting for? immediately explore this city!

4Athens – The Old City in the Land of the Gods

Europe has indeed been famous for everything that smells of modern. But who would have thought if in one of its member countries still found an old building that illustrates the greatness of Europe in ancient times. This is Athens, an old city in the country of Greece where people know the nickname of the land of the Gods. Athens has long been called the historical capital of Europe.

In Athens, there are many archeological sites related to Greek gods originating from ancient Greek civilization. So do not be surprised if people call it a city of gods worshiped. Of the many historic buildings in this city, the most famous is the Parthenon Temple, a Greek temple built for the Goddess Athena. He was believed to be the protector of Athens in the 5th century BC ..

3Kota Tua, Jakarta – The Old City Taste of the Netherlands in Jakarta

Not surprisingly, in Indonesia there are many old buildings typical of the Dutch colonial era, because the VOCs have been in power long enough for three and a half centuries. One of the old Dutch heritage buildings is in the Old City area, Jakarta. The Old Town area in Jakarta is proof of the long time the Dutch were in power. Evidence of the heritage building still exists today.

If you visit Jakarta, don’t just visit Monas, but instead visit the Old Town area. This is one of the destinations that must be visited while in the Capital of Indonesia. Because this is where there is authentic evidence of Dutch colonial heritage. A traveler can find old buildings including the Sunda Kelapa Harbor. This Pokbo area is very cool to be used as a background for selfies.

2Intramuros – Typical Old City of Spain in the Philippines

If in Jakarta there is an Old City taste of the Netherlands, it is different in Manila. The capital of the country of the Philippines has Intramuros or the old taste of Spain. The Old Town area is located inside the fortified city walls. The giant wall that surrounded Intramuros was originally used to protect the residents inside.

At a glance, the Intramuros building still looks sturdy, no one knows if this wall was destroyed during World War II. New renovations began again in 1951 and at that time the site was designated a National Monument. In this old town, travelers can see various ancient buildings from Spain, including Fort Santiago, City Plaza, Casa Manila which is the oldest home, to San Agustin Church which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So if traveling to Manila don’t forget to visit Intramuros.

1Semarang Old City – There is a Mini Netherlands in Central Java

Another Old City evidence of Dutch power in Indonesia can be found in the City of Semarang. Of course this could happen because the Dutch controlled Indonesia for about 350 years and at that time Semarang was also the center of colonial rule. So thick is the feel of the Netherlands in the Old Town area that the city earned the nickname “Little Netherland” or Mini Netherlands.

The nickname was given because indeed when entering into the city area, a traveler will feel brought back to the Dutch occupation. Starting from the building to the canals around it reminds us of the grandeur of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. One of the most famous buildings there is Blenduk Church. This church’s real name is Nederlandsch Indische Kerk, the great thing is that this church is still very sturdy despite its age of more than 250 years.

How, aren’t you tempted to feel the old school atmosphere in the old cities? Hurry and plan your vacation to the old cities in the world.


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